• Enamel technique

    Enamel technique

    Beijing Watch has two superb enamel techniques of filigree enamel and miniature enamel and it presents these two techniques in gorgeous and multi-colored dial production.

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  • Suzhou embroidery dial

    Suzhou embroidery dial

    Suzhou embroidery is one of the most attractive crafts in splendid treasure of art and crafts. It has the unique style characterized by gorgeous pattern, ingenuous conception, elaborate embroidery work

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  • Sapphire crystal plate

    Sapphire crystal plate

    Sapphire crystal generally is used to produce surface glass ofwrist watch. It is a kind of synthetic glass with hardness only second to that of diamond. It has characteristics of scratch-resistance and wearing resistance.

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  • Hollowed-out technique

    Hollowed-out technique

    Hollow-out is one of complex techniques of wrist watch. Its design utilization of dial plate is the most common. Moreover, it is an important technique for creating internal harmonious layout and transparent beauty.

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  • Microscopic carving & metal engraving

    Microscopic carving & metal engraving

    Beijing Watch perfectly combines microscopic carving art and watch-making techniques and brings about infinite possibilities.

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