Beijing Watch, Keep Pioneering

Since its brand establishment in 1958, Beijing Watch consistently remains dedicated to independent production of high-complexity movement and customization of high-end watch. Born-different pioneering spirit continuously promotes progress and forward development of brand along with the vicissitudes of times.

At the beginning, 21 watch-making pioneers created Beijing Brand. They combined excellent technology, superb craftsmanship and exquisite design and fearlessly opened the door of watchmaking world.

As a professional brand equipped with independent watch-making capability, Beijing Watch emphasizes craftsmanship spirit and artistic aesthetics, gets immersed in modern expression of oriental aesthetics and perfectly blends top-notch techniques with cultural connotations. Authentic classic refers to taking a place in the front ranks of the times. The record-breaking “Dragon & Phoenix” gold-engraving tourbillon, “Beihai Series” which utilizes classic 3/4 plate and single swan-neck fine tuning, Suzhou embroidery Watch well-known for exquisiteness, smoothness and elegance as well as numerous watch works praised and sought by watch lovers invariably embody Beijing Watch’s modern expression of oriental culture and usher in infinite inspiration source for the future.

What is behind numerous “Second to None” titles which have already known within watch circles is dedicated watchmakers’ cognition on “watch” in its true sense, including Xu Yaonan(Father of Chinese Tourbillon), Shi Wenli, Su Wenbin, Zhao Zhenling etc. We have consistently advocated and cultivated authentic watch makers and retained the essence of hand-made production to the utmost extent. Moreover, we have independently manufactured seven major series of high-complexity movements including tourbillon, tourbillon minute repeater, double tourbillon, bi-axial 3D-printed tourbillon, tri-axial 3D-printed double tourbillon, two-pin escapement mechanism & long time-keeping tourbillon etc. Each piece of movement is imbued with the perfect passion for complex watch techniques injected by Beijing Watch Masters. There also exist too many unique aesthetic appreciation elements of Beijing Watch in inlay, enamel, embroidery, microscopic carving, gold engraving, hollowed-out, refined decoration and other high-level watch-making techniques.

Each Beijing Watch invariably embodies watch owner’s unique attitude toward life. We’re convinced that authentic luxury refers to the ability to freely make a choice. Beijing Watch is dedicated to providing more high-quality options to all watch lovers.Whether state leaders, collectors, elites in various fields,or innumerable owners of Beijing Watch throughout the history invariably can feel this sincerity. They are the people who with the inherited oriental temperament, “independent innovation” consciousness and pioneering spirt. They confidently and independently embrace the times, know how to interpret“tradition” from a brand-new perspective and manifest tradition in a more fashionable and modern way.

Beijing Watch which continuously keeps pioneering is willing to take several times longer time to manufacture an authentic watch to make your time become more precious.