Xu Yaonan

Father of Chinese Tourbillon

Mr. Xu has accumulated more than sixty years’ abundant experienc. After ten years’ arduous efforts, he completed the capstone work in the clock & watch manufacturing history--Chinese Tourbillon Watch.

Mastery experience:

After graduated from Tianjin University in 1962, he became founder of product design and manufacturing techniques of Beijing Watch.

In 1973, he participated in the design of “unified movement” organized by Department of Light Industry, then he conducted the design of unified movement Model II thin-type watch.

In 1972, Mr. Xu and Mr. Shi Wenli took eight years’ to jointly collect, survey and analyze dozens of automatic watch movements. Structure Principle & Repair of Automatic Watch which was published by China Light Industry Press in 1990.

In 1996, he successfully designed tourbillon watch.

Representative works:

Superb hand-made production of gold engraving tourbillon wrist watch “Dragon & Phoenix”, the first whole-enamel movement tourbillon wrist watch “Butterflies over Flowers” in the world and other tourbillon movements.

Major achievements:

He conducted the design of displayable tourbillon, calendar mechanism tourbillon、double tourbillon, sapphire-plate double tourbillon, twin-barrel & two-pin escapement extended-Power 、and other high-complexity movement.