Shi Wenli

Epitomized Theory & Superb Craftsmanship

With profound theoretical attainment, Mr. Shi once published multiple essays in Watch & Clock and other professional magazines. The book titled Structure Principle and Repair of Automatic Watch collaborated with Mr. Xu Yaonan was rated to be the first pioneering academic book in watch circles.

Mastery experience:

He was born in 1938, senior engineer.

He graduated from Tianjin University in 1964.He has taken up watch design and relevant trial production work.

Starting from 2001, he began to collaborate with Mr. Xu Yaonan on the design of tourbillon calendar mechanism, tourbillon displayable mechanism, tourbillon fly-back calendar mechanism, double tourbillon watch and double tourbillon displayable mechanism. Moreover, he independently completed parameter calculation of bi-axial 3D-printed tourbillon at the same period.

In 2011, Mr. Shi and Mr. Xu collaborated again to complete the design of the first two-pin escapement twin-barrel movement B24 in China.

Representative works:

Design work of Confucian Saga (Ru Jia)-18K Gold twin-barrel & two-pin escapement extended-Power Mechanical watch, the Great Ultimate (Tai Ji)-bi-axial main-part tourbillon watch and other products.

Major achievements:

He conducted the design of automatic mechanical structure of ZB1C unified movement watch, ZB2-2 unified-movement thin-type watch automatic and calendar mechanism etc.; merely taking Beijing Watch as example, one million pieces of unified-movement automatic movements and thin-type calendar movements have been produced. He initially manufactured design and theoretical model of differential wheel module of double tourbillon and two-pin escapement movements of Beijing Watch.